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Trusted by baldwin county families for over 35 years

At Brackin Law Firm, we focus on our clients and providing the best legal services possible.

We make sure that our clients are satisfied with the results when their case is concluded. We often say that whatever case we are handling that day is our most important case. While many lawyers focus on only one area of practice, our range is broad, enabling us to provide many different legal services to individual clients. It is not uncommon to defend criminal charges for a client that we are also representing in a contentious divorce or custody dispute. Complex civil litigation often coincides with probate and estate matters. We are experienced in handling all of these matters, and more. There are areas in which we do not practice. After decades of experience and a firm presence in South Alabama, we often refer matters to our trusted colleagues for cases that are outside our expertise, or, when necessary, associate them as additional counsel.

Most importantly, we listen. 

Each case is different, and everyone’s life is unique. The lawyer-client relationship is a partnership and we treat it accordingly. From our initial consultation we craft a detailed plan in order to be attentive to the needs of our clients at every step, we make changes along the way to take advantage of strategic opportunities, and always stay focused on obtaining the desired result.

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