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Eviction- Action for Unlawful Detainer

Our Attorneys Are Experienced In Navigating The Eviction Process For Our Clients.​

Our Attorneys Have Handled Hundreds Of Evictions, Recovering Possession Of Our Landlord Clients’ Property Plus Damages Against Tenants For Back Rent And Damage To Property.

The lawyers at Brackin Law Firm have years of experience in evictions, also known as unlawful detainer actions. Our attorneys have handled hundreds of evictions recovering possession of our landlord client’s property as well as damages against their tenants for back rent and damage to their property. 

In 2007, the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (URLTA) became enforceable Alabama law. It is imperative that all residential leases comply with this Act. Leases that are not in compliance with URLTA can have costly consequences for landlords, such as delay in their evictions and damages being entered in favor of the tenant and against the landlord, or offsetting damages the landlord may otherwise have against the tenant. The validity and enforcement of leases or other rental agreements are governed entirely by the URLTA. Therefore, any such agreements must be in compliance therewith and it is crucial to follow these guidelines to the letter of the law in exactly how you evict a tenant in Alabama. 

By statute, evictions or actions for unlawful detainer are instituted in district court. They may be appealed to circuit court at their conclusion. 

The URLTA creates a minefield of procedural issues. Failure to properly draft your lease, properly provide notice and opportunity to cure any defaults in the terms and conditions of those leases, or generally comply with the URLTA costs too much money and time for landlords to ignore. 

In some instances, inclusion of certain provisions may also permit the tenant to recover their attorney’s fees against the landlord. Don’t let this happen to you. Hire an experienced eviction lawyer and protect yourself against the pitfalls of navigating the eviction process alone. Our real estate attorneys are experienced in navigating the eviction process for our clients and working tirelessly to protect their property and their reputation.

Call us today if you are a landlord in need of assistance evicting a tenant or you would like for one of our tenancy lawyers to review your lease in order to avoid potential future legal disputes over the eviction process and its complex legalities.


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