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sneaky divorce tactics

Sneaky Divorce Tactics You Need To Know

Going into a marriage, you don’t think about how it will end; even if you do, you’d like to believe it will be amicable and everyone involved will reach a fair settlement. Unfortunately, this is

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How to Choose the Right Elder Law Attorney

Elder law is a particular area of the law that deals with the needs of senior adults. Things like wills, future health care choices and other decisions are established through elder care (often with assistance

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What is a Qualified Domestic Trust?

You may be starting to prepare for what happens to your family after you are gone. There are many different ways to set up a trust for your family and it all may get overwhelming

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Eviction Process In Alabama Explained

Eviction Process in Alabama Explained

Now that the nationwide eviction moratorium enacted by the Centers For Disease Control is coming to an end, evictions are expected to increase. If you need to evict a tenant, it is critical that you

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