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Can A DUI Affect My Career In Alabama?


If you get convicted of a DUI in Alabama, you can face serious consequences, including having your license suspended or revoked, fines, and even jail time.

You may not think about how a DUI charge can impact your personal life and harm your career in Alabama. Before you get behind the wheel when you have been drinking, it’s crucial to understand how a DUI would affect your life and your future.

If you find yourself or a loved one facing a DUI charge in Alabama, it is crucial to hire a DUI attorney to ensure your rights are protected. Below, we will examine how a DUI arrest or conviction may affect your career in Alabama in the short and long term.

Ways That A DUI May Affect Your Career In Alabama

A DUI in Alabama could have a tremendous ripple effect and may even dramatically alter your career path. Alabama has no laws or guidelines restricting employers from screening potential employees based on their criminal record. If you have a DUI conviction, it can make it harder for you to get a job regardless of your qualifications. If you get a DUI in Baldwin County, Alabama, hire an experienced attorney to protect your rights.

#1. New Job Opportunities

Should you find yourself looking for new employment, you may face substantial roadblocks. Often, a new employer may be hesitant or concerned about hiring a candidate with a criminal history.

Most businesses require you to disclose if you have a prior conviction during your application process. While the employer may be open to hiring someone with a criminal record, having a DUI could significantly impact future career opportunities.

#2. Getting Or Maintaining Professional Licenses

Individuals convicted of a DUI can face challenges obtaining professional licenses or gaining admission to their school of choice. Your professional opportunities may greatly diminish when you can’t get the necessary licenses.

Specific professional or graduate schools, such as medicine, law, pharmacy, nursing, etc., may deny applicants if they have a DUI conviction in the past five years.

Many professions will require you to obtain a license whether you choose a teacher, pharmacist, physician, nurse, or attorney career path. If you are arrested or convicted of a DUI in Alabama, you may have your license application withheld, denied, or revoked.

#3. Loss of Employment and Mandatory Reporting

Getting a DUI arrest or conviction in Alabama can even affect your current job and possibly result in you being fired. Many companies require their employees to disclose criminal arrests, including DUIs.

When you report that you received a DUI to your employer, who may face various consequences, including suspension, attending a mandatory rehabilitation program, the motions, or possibly termination, should you fail to report the DUI, that could result in immediate termination.

Employees can even be put on unpaid leave while awaiting judgment on their pending DUI case, leaving them without income or a job. Upon receiving a DUI conviction, your employer may respond by terminating you.

#4. You May Lose Your Driver’s License

Some companies require their employees to maintain a valid driver’s license. If you get a DUI arrest and conviction, you may have your license revoked, and your employer will be entitled to legally terminate your employment with the company.

Some companies may even have a moral clause in agreements with certain manufacturers, such as automobile franchises or dealerships. A DUI arrest and conviction can lead to immediate termination.

Hold a professional driver’s license or are required to obtain a commercial license and door endorsement for a job such as a school bus driver or truck driver. You may be ineligible for employment or face termination.

Commercial airline pilots or private airline pilots are required to report arrests or convictions to the FAA. If you have a pilot’s license, it can also be withheld or revoked while your driver’s license suspension is in effect or in the event of a conviction.

#5. A DUI Can Affect Your Insurance, Car Rentals and Company Vehicles

If you get a DUI in Alabama, your employer may take possession of any company vehicles and related insurance connected to your job.

For those who use a personal vehicle for work, you may need to adjust your insurance level to protect the company should you receive a subsequent DUI. It will significantly increase your insurance rates, and finding an insurance company willing to offer insurance to a high-risk driver can be challenging.

You cannot rent a car; most companies will run a license check through the Alabama DMV, and they will see the DUI on your record, resulting in a denial of rental car services.

#6. Having a DUI Impacts Your Security Clearances and Permits

If you must have a security clearance for your career or job position or carry a concealed firearm, a DUI conviction will significantly impact your job opportunities.

In Alabama, anyone who incurs a subsequent DUI conviction may result in a denial of being allowed to carry a concealed weapon. If you are a convicted felon in Alabama, you’re prohibited from purchasing or possessing any ammunition or firearms.

It may lead to security clearances being revoked or denied for individuals requiring it for a US government job. The security clearances apply to military or government bases and businesses that carry contracts with the U.S. Government.

#7. A DUI Can Affect A Military Career

If you get a misdemeanor DUI conviction on your record, you will still be allowed to serve in the military; however, if you have a felony DUI conviction, you will no longer be eligible to serve in the military.

You may be subject to administrative actions and a court martial if your arrest occurs on a military base. Punishment can depend upon the severity of the charges against you and may include a letter of reprimand, grade reduction, forfeiture of pay, imprisonment, or even dismissal.

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