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How To Choose Your Divorce Lawyer: A Guide


Whether you are considering getting a divorce or have already decided to get a divorce, you need to hire an experienced divorce lawyer to help you navigate the complex family law legal system, including child custody and the financial aspects of your divorce.

When choosing your divorce lawyer, you must have someone you can trust who understands your circumstances and the difficulties of the divorce process.

We understand how stressful and emotionally challenging it is to go through a divorce, and we want you to have the best representation possible. Below we will give you some essential tips and questions to ask when searching for the best divorce lawyer for you.

Tips for Choosing Your Divorce Lawyer

There is no reason to go through a divorce in Alabama alone and possibly make costly mistakes that result in long-term impacts on your life and leave you wishing you had hired a divorce lawyer.

#1. Choose a Divorce Lawyer with Experience

Ensure that the attorney you choose has extensive experience dealing with divorce, child custody, and other financial aspects of the divorce process.

#2. Choose a Divorce Lawyer with Ethical Values

When consulting with various local attorneys, choose a divorce lawyer with ethical values and a good reputation with other local attorneys and judges. Avoid any lawyers who share confidential case information, talk about high-profile clients in cases, and name-drop trying to impress you. You want to ensure that your attorney will respect your confidentiality agreement and be professional.

#3. Choose a Local Divorce Lawyer

Hiring a local divorce attorney will ensure they have personal experience with the judges, other lawyers, private investigators, and access to critical resources to improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

#4. Understand the Role of Your Divorce Lawyer

The responsibility and role of your divorce lawyer is to walk you through the legal aspects of the divorce process. Remember that your divorce lawyer is not a divorce coach or therapist, although you may feel like you need or want to confide in your attorney; they generally charge by the hour, which will add up quickly in the divorce case if you are using them for emotional support.

#5. Choose a Divorce Lawyer Within Your Budget

Decide on your budget before consulting with an attorney. You can balance the cost and the amount of legal assistance you need with careful planning. Some attorneys charge hourly, while others will make a flat fee arrangement. Remember that the outcome of your divorce could affect your life for years to come, and if your divorce is contested in Alabama or high conflict, it will likely result in your divorce lawyer charging more. Let your attorney know your budget to determine if there’s a flexible payment option to make it more affordable for you.

#6. Do Your Research

You can research attorneys online to determine their reputation, how long they’ve been in your area, the areas of law they practice, and any ethical issues they may have faced in previous cases. However, the best research is consulting with friends and family. 

#7. Ask Friends and Family For Recommendations

Talk with family and friends to find out if they have any experience with divorce attorneys in your area. Ask them questions to find out if they were happy with their outcome and how well their lawyer performed, if they were easy to communicate with, and if they had the skill and experience to help create a favorable outcome.

#8. Look for Red Flags

There are a few red flags to watch for that may indicate an attorney is not suitable for you, such as:

  • If they are rushed or distracted during your consultation
  • If they make promises; nothing can be guaranteed
  • Failure to consider specific circumstances of your divorce
  • Failing to understand how challenging and vital the outcome of your divorce is to your life

#9. Prepare a List of Questions To Ask

Here is a list of essential questions you can use as a guideline when talking with potential divorce lawyers.

  • Do you specialize in divorce cases?
  • How long have you been handling divorce cases, how many cases have you had, and what was the outcome?
  • What is your strategy for my divorce case, and how long do you anticipate it taking to be resolved?
  • What is the best way to communicate with you, and how do I get in touch if I have an emergency? What is considered an emergency to you?
  • Will you be the only one working on my case, or will there be someone else? Can I meet your team?
  • Is your fee a flat rate or an hourly rate? Is there a charge for the time spent with paralegals, and if so, how much? Do you have an upfront retainer?
  • Are other hidden or under or anticipated costs involved, such as physicians or psychologists, private investigators, or forensic accountants? How will I be charged for the resources you utilize?
  • Do you have an estimated total cost for my divorce case? Usually, an honest attorney will say it is challenging to calculate an accurate price in advance.
  • Will my spouse and I be able to communicate and negotiate directly?
  • How can I lower the cost of my divorce? What can I complete myself to keep the cost down?
  • Based on your experience and what you know about my case, can you or what do you predict the outcome to be?
  • What is the economic effect of the decisions that I will have to make?

#10. Choose a Divorce Lawyer Who Feels Right For You

Choose the attorney that feels right for you. Going through a divorce is a challenging process, and you must have a good working relationship with your divorce attorney, someone with experience, knowledge, and personality that meet your needs.

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